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Sony WM-EX53 - Repair, Part 2

...and then I found my latest internet purchase in the letterbox. No worries, I have not been spending unreasonable amounts of money, just over 8 Euros for a new drive belt for my Sony WM-EX53. There is a guy in Slovakia who has fitting belts produced somewhere else. I guess China. But at least they are exactly the right size. After installing the new belt the Ealkman works again like it never had any problems. Fascinating!

Well, OK, I guess I have to lubricate some of the other moving parts inside, but that's something for a different project. The old tapes on the other hand don't sound so good anymore: Many have been through a lot, have been played day after day in my old car stereo, be it in hot summer weather or cold and wet winter. And then they have been stored in my parent's basement for 20 years, not the perfect place.

After all those years I still think this old Walkman is really fashionable. Also, it has this special retro charm. I think Walkmen are becoming cool again! Or maybe it's just me... ;-) Next plan: Find a matching cable and use it to listen to music in the car! :-D


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